This time last year the Rotary club had asked us and a few other preschools/schools in the town to make a “guy” for the Bonfire down at Congleton Park.

12months ago you may recall we made “Mr Potato Head” with the children, a lot of hardwork and effort went into it, everyone was really impressed and praised our creation and we only went and won first prize! 🏆

So this year we knew we had a hard act to follow, We thought hard and pulled together our resources! We have a new Manager, new children but the same goal! Could we match last year’s efforts?

Well … I give you – StickMan! ❤️

A big thanks to all the Staff and Children for all of the hard work that’s gone into this, who would have thought some Carpet Rolls, Sticky tape, brown paint and a few twigs could have created something so brilliant – and yes he’s bigger than Potato head!

So keep your eyes peeled tonight if you’re off down the park! You won’t be able to miss him I’m sure 😉

New Life again pulling it out of the bag! Our kids are amazing 😊 thank you all!


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